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Top Blue Ridge Parkway Hikes for Social Distancing

Top Blue Ridge Parkway Social Distancing Trails

What makes a trail a "social distancing trail?" (1) Wide trails will no sharp drop-offs on the sides, making it easy to create six feet between you and passing hikers (2) Trails that are less traveled (3) Trails without a need for hand rails, ropes, etc.

Doughton Park

Doughton Park- BRP Milepost 242

Doughton Park is the most northern park in the NC High Country region.  The closest town would be the small town of Sparta, making this park less travelled. 

The Bluff Mountain Trail is 7.5 miles BUT the trail has muliple destinations and access points from .2 miles to 3.5 miles.  We suggest parking at the picnic area which is near the middle of the trail. From here you can go either direction-- and have a picnic spot in the middle!

The trail is relatively flat with wide open spaces, making it easy to create a six foot distance between your group and others. You will see scenic vistas, fields of wildflowers and shaded forest.

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moses cone fire tower trail

Moses Cone Park, BRP Milepost 294

Moses Cone Park is located five minutes from the town of Blowing Rock.  The park can be quite busy during the Summer-Fall months.  Try visiting this trail early in the morning (8 o'clock!) or in the evening after 7.

The four mile Flat Top Tower Trail starts by taking you through a shaded forest area with peeks of a cow pasture. The trail then opens up to an fielded area with great views of the mountains and Blowing Rock (see photo).  *The fielded area is also a great place to stop for a picnic when it has been recently raked.

Continue up the trail into another wooded area that ended at Flat Top Tower. If you like, climb the stairs to the top of the 40ft tower for panoramic Blue Ridge Mountain views!

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