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Living with NC Mountain Wildlife

NC High Country WildlifePurchasing a property in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains can give you a chance to get closer to nature, which means you may see native wildlife such as: black bear, bobcat, deer, fox, groundhog, raccoon, skunk, rabbit and squirrel!  Most animals are afraid of humans and will stay away from you, but you might encounter a curious creature every one in a while.

Here are some tips about living with native NC wildlife:

    Make sure to keep your garbage indoors until you dispose of it or purchase bear proof trash cans to keep you trash in outdoors.  Wildlife can have a higher sense of smell and will be attracted to the odor of garbage bags.
    Squirrel and bear are attracted to bird seed and will destroy your bird feeders to get to the seed. If you do hang out feeders, get bear and squirrel proof versions. Also, make sure your bird seed does not contain dried fruit or coated corn, as animals are more drawn to the scent of these seed mixtures.
    Make sure you thoroughly clean the food residue off your grill, even if you have a covered grill.  Many grills have been destroyed by wildlife trying to get those last tasty morsels of meat of the grill.  Also, make sure any food dropped on the ground is picked up and thrown away inside.
    Deer and small ground wildlife such as raccoon, rabbit and groundhog love to eat from flower and vegetable gardens! Lots of common landscaping plants such as roses & hosta are delicious to deer.  When purchasing landscape plants, look for deer-proof tags.  If you plant a vegetable garden, put up a double fence to keep out the deer and other animals.  Deer can jump a single fence easily!

    BearWise is the black bear program you can trust for sound information and smart solutions that help people, neighborhoods and communities prevent problems with bears.  Check out the website for helpful resources on living around bears HERE

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