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Lees McRae Summer Theatre 2024

Lees McRae Summer Theatre 2024 series is yet another way to experience the arts in downtown Banner Elk North Carolina.  The Theatre series has multiple performances with matinee and night showings. Tickets prices are between $20-$40 and can be purchased HERE. Here is a list of the summer 2024 performances:


From the Mountaintop: The Edgar Tufts Story

7 p.m. Shows: July 16-20
2 p.m. Shows: July 20, 21, 23

Directed by Janet Barton Speer

Back by popular demand! What did Banner Elk, North Carolina, look like in the 1890s? With the vision of Edgar Tufts, a young seminary student, one tiny town gained a church, college, orphanage, and hospital. This original musical by the team who brought you The Denim King: The Moses Cone StoryAmerica's Artist: The Norman Rockwell Story, and The [W]right Sister is presented after thoughtful research among the families who have lived here for generations. Using traditional mountain music mixed with a lyrical style, audiences will be moved and inspired by this great man. You will not want to miss From the Mountaintop: The Edgar Tufts Story.


High Country Jamboree

7 p.m. Shows: July 26

Directed by Janet Barton Speer

One night only! After the big success of last year’s debut of a variety show, the new High Country Talent Jamboree on July 26 will highlight some of the many special aspects of life in the North Carolina mountains, featuring the best music, dancing, comedy, and patriotic songs of Southern Appalachia.

Lees McRae Theatre The Wright Sister

The [W]right Sister

7 p.m. Shows: July 25, 26, 27, 28
2 p.m. Shows: July 23, 29

Directed by Janet Barton Speer

If you hear the “Wright Brothers,” your mind travels easily to Wilbur and Orville, who in 1903 went from simple bicycle shop owners to the famous inventors of heavier-than-air flight. But while the Wright Brothers had their heads in the clouds, there was one person on the ground working to help them soar—their sister, Katharine. The [W]right Sister brings Katharine’s forgotten story to life in a beautiful new musical that spans decades—from their childhood and work in the Dayton, Ohio bicycle shop, to her nursing skills that saved Orville’s life more than once, to her ability to charm heads of state, kings, and presidents while her brothers struggled to even greet them. Janet Speer, with John Thomas and Tommy Oaks—the creative trio who brought the hit musicals America’s Artist: The Norman Rockwell Story, From the Mountaintop: The Edgar Tufts Story, and The Denim King: The Moses Cone Story to our stage—found the life of Katharine Wright to be a compelling subject for their next musical. With a captivating story and beautiful original music, The [W]right Sister proves how strong a sister’s love and sacrifices can be, even during the most difficult of times.