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The History of the Settlement of the High Country

REALLY Early Settlement Clovis-type fluted spearpoints have been found in the High Country dating as far back as 13,500 years before the present. During Colonial Days, the Cherokee, Creekand Shawnee tribes appeared to be residents, using the high mountains in

History on a Hayride: The Orchard at Altapass, Apples and So Much More!

Situated on the Blue Ridge Parkway atop the Eastern Continental Divide, the Orchard at Altapass is a great place for folks of all ages to visit a working orchard and learn about everything from the harvest time of the Stayman-Winesap

Hickory Ridge Homestead Preserves Yesterday

At the Hickory Ridge Living History Museum you can learn what life was like in the 1700s as our country was formed and expanded. Hickory Ridge Living History Museum is located on the grounds of Horn in the West, the