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Thanksgiving Dinner List NC High Country 2019

Thanksgiving Dinner List NC High Country 2019

Thanksgiving Dinner List NC High Country 2019 for Boone, Blowing Rock, West Jefferson NC.

Coming up to the NC High Country for Thanksgiving Weekend is a true family tradition! Your family can choose and cut a Christmas tree at a local farm, take a hay ride, view a holiday light display and still have Thanksgiving dinner. You have a variety of options for Thanksgiving dinner.  If you would like to dine out, choose from buffet style to a set menu, but all include a cozy atmosphere in the mountains and friendly staff. If you would prefer to have dinner in your cabin rental, there are a few places that can provide you with a freshly cooked turkey and sides.  See our suggestions below.

Here is a list of restaurants serving special Thanksgiving dinner in the NC High Country:


  • Chetola Resort 
    Seating: (reservations required)
    Traditional Buffet in the beautiful Bob Timberlake Restaurant. For details, click HERE
    Reservations begin Oct 21. To reserve, c
    all 828-295-5505. 

  • Green Park Inn  
    Seating: (reservations required)
    Three course plated meal.  Seating available from 1-4pm For details, click HERE
    To reserve, call: 828-414-9230

  • Rowlands at Westglow
    Seating: (reservations required)
    Traditional Thanksgiving buffet in the beautiful Westglow mansion. For details, click HERE
    To reserve, call: 828-295-5141


  • Dan'l Boone Inn
    Hours: 11-9pm (reservations only available for groups of 15 or more)
    This family style meal begins with vegetable soup followed by three meats (including turkey), five vegetables, biscuits, dessert and beverage
    Price: $16.95 (adults), $9.95 (9-11), $7.95 (6-8), $5.95 (4-5)

  • The Gamekeeper
    Seating: (reservations required)
    4 course meal with choice of entree
    **Also have cooked turkeys available for pick up!
    To make reservations, call: 828-963-7400

  • Over Yonder
    Seating: (reservations required) SOLD OUT 2019


  • The Winner's Circle
    Seating: 11:30-3
    Traditional Thanksgiving buffet
    For more information, call 336-246-4499

  • The River House
    Traditional Thanksgiving buffet
    For more information, call 336-982-2109

  • Shatley Springs
    Open Thurs & Fri
    Traditional Thanksgiving options served family style
    For more information, click HERE

Here is a list of places that can provide items for Thanksgiving dinner in the NC High Country:


  • Stick Boy Kitchen
    This local bakery provides freshly baked breads and pies to make your Thanksgiving meal complete.

  • Woodlands Barbeque
    This local BBQ restaurant will smoke your turkey.  Just bring them your turkey and they will charge you a per pound rate.
    Call 828-395-3651

  • Earthfare Grocery Store
    This NC based natural foods grocery store chain provides an all natural Thanksgiving feast all packed up and ready for you.

  • Bojangles
    Bojangles fast food restaurant provides deep fried turkeys with their signature seasoning
    Call  828-264-1849

  • Be Natural Market
    This independent grocer in Boone is taking orders for local turkeys from New Life Farms in Lenoir NC.  To reserve:
    Call  828-262-5592

  • Against the Grain Farm
    This small farm about 15 minutes outside of Boone is taking turkey orders.

  • Eat Crow
    This award winning restaurant offers Thanksgiving dessert pies & cakes and traditional sides. Orders must be places by 11/26.
    View menu HERE
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