Guided Hikes at Grandfather Mountain

GrandfatherMountain_GuidedHike_TaylorAdamsphoto Grandfather Mountain offers access to multiple trails varying in difficulty from a leisurely walk in the woods to a rigorous trek across rugged peaks. A number of gentle paths designed to offer a low-impact foray into nature can be accessed from the summit road. Those seeking greater adventure can hike into Grandfather’s backcountry where many of the trails rely on ladders and
cables to help trekkers negotiate steep grades and sheer cliff faces.

We have more trails than these three, but these showcase the great range….
Easiest hike: The Woods Walk
Moderate hike:  The Bridge Trail
Difficult hike:  The Grandfather Trail

The interpretive ranger staff is available year-round (weather permitting) to lead guided hikes.  The hike can be tailored to the group’s needs.  During the warmer months of the year (May – August) there are also scheduled guided hikes that folks can participate in.

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