Emerald Village Gem Mine offers Open Digs

Going through gem buckets at the Gemstone Mine at Emerald Village has pleased thousands of visitors over the years. For those looking for more of an authentic experience we have now opened our mine dumps to collectors who want to dig and break their own stones.  Rock hounds have flocked to this area for years but very few areas are open for collecting.  For a small fee you can dig to your heart’s content at Emerald Village and keep what you find.  Unlike some places we do not add anything to the dumps so what you find is from here and all authentic.  Over 100 rocks, gems, and minerals naturally occur in our mines here.  Bring your own tools or rent ours.

Emerald Village is the granddaddy of all gem mining attractions in North Carolina, and the only one located in real mines. We still feature gem buckets at our flumes, a real underground mine tour, gold panning, unique shopping, an antique music museum, black light tours and more! We’re better than ever, and with more to do.  For more information, visit www.emeraldvillage.com


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