The Blowing Rock Music Festival Sept 17


The first Blowing Rock Music Festival will take place at the actual Blowing Rock attraction!  The attraction features the famed craggy cliff 4000 feet above sea level, overhanging Johns River Gorge 3000 feet below where the winds’ updraft causes objects to blow upward.  The attraction also features a water, observation tower, a nature trail, gardens–and this particular weekend- live music!

Music acts at the event include: The Harris Brothers, Wayne Henderson, Buck Haggard Band and more.  For a complete list of entertainers and stage times, CLICK HERE


  • Food is available at the event including hotdogs, hamburgers, homemade ice cream and more!  You can also bring a cooler with your own food and beverages, including alcohol
  • While dogs are normally allowed into the attraction, pets are not allowed into the attraction the day of the music festival
  • Remember to bring a lawn chair and a coat.  Weather can change fast on the side of a mountain
  • If you are planning on staying the weekend in Blowing Rock, check with Green Park Inn  for special Blowing Rock Music Festival Accommodation Packages
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